Project management is a term bounded around by many companies and individuals. David Willis Consultancy offers professional advice for a whole construction project, from its conception to completion. This service provides reassurance that you are obtaining value for money and high standards throughout.

Our service included the following:

Stage 1 - Initial Consultation.

As a free service we discuss the potential project to identify if the clients requirements are achievable.

Stage 2 - Feasibility.

We undertake a survey noting the legal, structural, material and conditional limitations of the project. This identifies outline sketch drawings and budget costings.

Stage 3 - Specification.

From the feasibility report we work with our clients to put together a descriptive works package, this includes specific sections that describe what materials are to be used and how to use them. Detailed drawings may then be drawn up to assist and other professionals consulted.

Stage 4 - Tender.

We send the specification out to builders for pricing, once this is returned by a set date we produce a “Tender Analysis Report” which explains the variations between the pricing contractors, which ones are providing value for money and the risk items associated with each element.

Stage 5 - Contract Administration.

Once a builder has been appointed to undertake the work (under a JCT Works Contract) we constantly monitor their progress and report back to the client progress. Our management includes: monthly site meetings, valuing the work, quality control, further instructions and signing off completed work.

This service is undertaken by a single chartered surveyor who will remain a point of contact throughout the project. 

Further information can be obtained by calling 01622 297519 or emailing

More details of the fee percentages and the breakdown of the stages can be found on the link on the right (note that this is written for large domestic managing agents and some elements may not apply).